Prologue to Santy Claus - Close Observations

Greetings, readers. Before you read, I would like you to know that this information is well researched. So don't be expecting some sort of cheesy fanfic that looks like it belongs and should have stayed on DeviantArt. I have been paying great attention to the very subtle and well hidden story of Santy Claus.

Before reading this, you probably visually perceive Santy Claus as either a source of short comedic relief or just a really bad attempt of scaring you. This is not how I see Santy Claus, nor is it what Santy Claus is intended to be. Just because he does not exist in our own world does not mean he is not a threat. Santy Claus in Ed Atlin's videos proves to be very hostile and dangerous.

Today we will be observing Fireball Police Investigators.

Appearances In Fireball Police Investigators (Pt. 1)


Candy Slaws transforming into Santy Claws.

He has taken the form of Candy Slaws to hide his true identity in his work for the FPI (Fireball Police Investigators), and could be doing it just to kill TuTu. Even going so far as to pretend to be a girl.

That's another good thing to note. Even while he is disguised, he has made numerous attempts (Some successful) to kill and/or harm others. Candy Slaws even has large claws on her hands.

In "Comic Book Tutorial", Ed said "That's completely out of character!" while he was panicking after seeing Candy Slaws killed TuTu. This is a signal that Ed is not in control of Candy Slaws, just like he isn't in control of Santy Claus.

In "Pyramids", the Sphynx's head is shaped like Santy Claus, and just like in "How to Draw a Warewolf", Santy Claus has wrote in binary code all over the walls, likely translating to "HOHOHOHOHOHO". At first glance when Candy Slaws activates the trap that shoots the arrow, it could be taken as it was intended to protect TuTu from the Mummy King. But the real intention of this action was to kill the baby on the other side. It fires slightly off, and instead of piercing through the baby's brain, it impales the eye.

It is obvious what happened in "Breakfast Hostages", there's no need to explain that.

Below I have included some screenshots of a few (not all) of Santy Claus's acts of violence while still hiding his true identity:

  • From "Comic Book Tutorial"
  • From "Breakfast Hostages"
  • From "Breakfast Hostages"

What I am not entirely sure of is whether or not Ed Atlin will ever make Santy Claus do a complete transformation that TuTu able to witness. While the likeliness of this happening is almost next to nothing, it would still be interesting to see.