Santy Claus is a recurring character in the Tutorials series, first appearing in the episode "Tutorial: How to Draw a Santy Claus".

During the early episodes featuring Santy, he was seen as any other regular drawing. However in later videos, there are hints at Santa having always had a negative impact on Ed even after Ed so lovingly fed him coffee and encouraged him to "drink up, Santy Claus" followed by a gentle hammering of coffee into Santy Claus' face.


On numerous occasions, Santy Claus has made "unexpected" appearances in Ed's videos. Notable examples are:

  • In the "Comic Book Tutorial", though he is referring to Santy Claus as "Candy Slaws ", it has been let on about the possibility of Ed and Santa going to the same orphanage.
  • In the "Snowman Tutorial" he abducts Ed's beautifully drawn snowman and continues to manifest himself on the remaining pages of Ed's new sketch book.
  • In "Open" , Ed states "it's time to do some work on my computer" and is confronted by a Christmas card with Santy's head put on a ginger bread man who lets out a horrific screech.
  • In "how to draw a ware wolf', Ed concieves a hidden message in his tutorial, that reads 'HOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOH....." The moon also turns into the face of Santy Claus.
  • In "Interactive Card Game", Santy Claus is on the front side of the clubs 10 card. Quiet ominous music plays. Ed refers to the card as "The clubs of Santy". If you chose the middle card, Ed refuses to turn Santy Claus's card around. If you chose the right card, Santy Claus escapes.
  • In "How to Make a Tutorial" Ed explains that if you turn around while making a tutorial video, Santy Claus can see you. At the end of the video, Ed turns around. Santy Claus appears as a face.
  • In "Designing a House 2013" Ed makes Santy Claus have a much more obvious appearance where he designs a house almost identical to one of his previous drawings of Santy Claus.

Other more apparent appearances include:

  • How to Draw a Santy Claus
  • knife
  • His whole life was a million-to-one shot.
  • The ultimate in alien terror.
  • Cloud Tutorial (audio only)
  • back from the photo lab
  • Scanning Your Artworks Into Your Computer (Part 1, 2, and 3)
  • Green Screen Tutorial
  • journey to the center of the earth