SCI FI is a story about the struggle to find the almanac. This Doctor Who fan fiction by Ed's grandpa, as speculated because of his voice and monotone. The story starts out with a dalek trying to exterminate the tardis....?, but a car saves it. He asks if The tardis if it can see the "almanac". Then, in the next part,yet again, the car asks the tardis if it sees the almanac, so he tries to serch for it with it's "time cables". Suddenly, the damn dalek sneak attacks them, but they are saved by an armed women. Then she tells them that she knows about the almanac. The dalek then asks to be forgived, and is granted. With the dalek out of the way, The Women tells the care to look inside to find the almanac. The car can't believe it, but it was inside him all along. Their ultimate mission was done.

Ever since the publishing of this epic, many positive reviews have come out such as " Beautiful inspiring film. Worthy of being entered in a short film festival. This was truly an amazing film. I cannot believe how much this made me think about myself, I need to look inside me and find who I am. Sometimes you are looking for something and it turns out that what you are looking for was inside you the whole time. Great plot, theme and moral. Thank you for sharing this film with all of us." by Elit3Mat , and "He does so much with so little. You don't need a big budget to get into the hearts of your audience, you just need love." by Grassdragoon