Candy Slaws


Candy Slaws transforming into Santy Claws.

Candy Slaws

Candy Slaws with Bio

Comic Book Tutorial

Comic Book Tutorial

Candy Slaws is a character from Ed Atlin's comic book tutorial video and Pyramids. She is a part of "Fireball Police Investigations" (FPI), and is Tutu's partner. Her catchphrase is "OH OH OH". She has only appeared in three videos and appears to be Santy Claus with slight name alterations.

Candy Slaws has changed into Santy Claus and has similar traits as him, as well as going so far as to kill Tutu at the end of Comic Book Tutorial.

She grew up in an orphanage with Tutu as her best friend. She has superpowers granted to her from unlocking the secret orphan crystals from the orphanage. She is also known for saying "Gee, thanks Obama!". She is said to dye her hair red, with blood.


Below is a list of all of Ed Atlin's videos Candy Slaws has appeared in: