• Samaine

    Greetings, readers. Before you read, I would like you to know that this information is well researched. So don't be expecting some sort of cheesy fanfic that looks like it belongs and should have stayed on DeviantArt. I have been paying great attention to the very subtle and well hidden story of Santy Claus.

    Before reading this, you probably visually perceive Santy Claus as either a source of short comedic relief or just a really bad attempt of scaring you. This is not how I see Santy Claus, nor is it what Santy Claus is intended to be. Just because he does not exist in our own world does not mean he is not a threat. Santy Claus in Ed Atlin's videos proves to be very hostile and dangerous.

    Today we will be observing Fireball Police Investiga…

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